How I Got Here: A Brief History of Blogging and Me

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It was a Tuesday night – October 17th, 2006 to be precise – and I was on the formerly popular social networking site ‘My Space’ when I first wrote what could be called a blog entry. I evidently had quite a hangover and very little idea about how such websites functioned as in those first paragraphs I not only veered between overly dramatic and out-and-out whiny, I also spoke candidly about people I knew without making any attempt to hide their identity. This included people who were ‘friends’ with me on ‘My Space’ (41 and not counting). Despite this, I obviously didn’t offend anyone and I must have enjoyed the experience as here I am nearly five years later beginning my fourth blog.

Those first entires were written virtually as diary entires. There was no attempt to discuss anything but the day-to-day inanities of my life as a disgruntled office worker who was still very much pining for my student days. There was very little form or structure to them and to read them back now I’m in my thirtieth year makes me cringe a little. So much has changed since then. Dusgruntlment has given way to resignation to my life as an office worker who writes as a hobby. My abilities as such have probably stayed distinctly average but I hope that those who will take the time to read this blog will find things informative or amusing enough to stop them from asking their ISP to block my IP address. Indeed, once I left the diary style behind me in that original blog and started to merely vent or praise things randomly selected things I’d experienced, people seemed to like it. Comments began appearing and I found this encouraging.

And then I joined ‘Facebook’ and my ‘My Space’ profile was left to its own devices. It still exists now, like a window to my past, as to deactivate it would require me remembering my password and there is no immediate danger of that happening. Though ‘Facebook’ had no blogging tool per se, I joined ‘Blogger’ and began writing almost exclusively about films. I called this new blog ‘The Man in Lincoln’s Nose‘ in homage to the greatest movie I’ve ever seen and I wrote reviews, profiles, lists etc. of movies new and (mainly) old. Soon, I had my own Twitter account and people who had read it, normally via ‘Facebook’, began referring to it in passing when they spoke to me. The problem was that I couldn’t work out how to make the thing look a bit more exciting (see beige background, left). It also had no video embedding capability and anyone wanting to comment had to register first. It soon became an almighty faff even to format my own blog entries and I started again on ‘tumblr’.

‘tumblr’ at least looked better and it seemed easier to use. I again used ‘The Man in Lincoln’s Nose‘ as my title and the style and content didn’t really change much. What I soon discovered was that I was writing fairly lengthy film reviews on what is essentially a photo blog for bored American teenagers. It also lacked some pretty basic features like a proper archive as they expected everything on there to be a picture. That is what led me to where I am now, starting anew with a different site using new tools.

‘The Man in Lincoln’s Nose’ is currently on extended leave. One day it will probably make a return, but for now I have decided to widen my scope and not limit myself to writing a movie blog. I will be writing pretty much about anything I fancy. Films will still feature, but my life, sport, the news, the price of fish,… are all likely to crop up. This is mainly for two reasons:

  1. Scope. People who don’t like old movies can still find something to enjoy.
  2. Laziness. It is much easier to write little and often on any subject than to try to write long reviews and profiles relating to one subject.

I hope you will all appreciate my honesty in this matter and will forgive any glitches as I get to grips with ‘Word Press’ and all its myriad of possibilities. If you can’t get enough of me you can follow me on ‘Twitter‘ (@sullfa).

Thanks for stopping by and you’ll be hearing from me soon.


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